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Patient Information Center

Are you ready to get your grin on? If you still need to make an initial appointment at Marlo A. Miller, DDS, MS, Orthodontics, please call 405-577-6453. Our West OKC, OK, office is easy to find. Just check out our contact page for a map.

Your First Visit

We need to gather some information from you before your appointment starts. You can either download, print, and complete the forms below to bring with you, or arrive 15 minutes early to take care of them in the office.

Remember to bring your insurance card and coverage information to your first appointment!

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Once you complete the paperwork, parents are welcome to relax in our waiting room, and kids are welcome to hang out and play games in our arcade room.

When it’s your turn, you’ll watch a short video that introduces you to orthodontic treatment in our initial exam room. Dr. Miller will come in to review your health history and discuss the patient’s primary concerns. She will then complete a brief visual exam of the teeth, bite, and jaws.

We will either begin taking diagnostic records to put together your treatment plan or schedule an appointment to complete this step. A consultation will be scheduled for two weeks later to review the treatment and financial plans to get started on your smile!

Insurance and Payment Information

Insurances have different levels of coverage for braces. We will assist you in finding out your coverage and creating a plan for the balance.

We accept CareCredit for patients who want to use their low-interest financing.

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Orthodontic Emergency Instructions

Initial Soreness

When your brackets are first placed or just after an adjustment, you may be a little sore for 2-3 days. Use the bite wafer we provided, and take Ibuprofen or Tylenol for relief.

Lost Spacer

If the spacer comes out and you have it, simply take two pieces of dental floss and insert them both into the spacer. Stretch the spacer slightly and floss it between the teeth until half of it slips through the contact. You should still be able to see the top of the spacer between the teeth. Release and remove both pieces of floss. If you cannot find the spacer, call our office, and we will schedule a time to replace the spacer. If it is the day before your appointment, it is not necessary to replace it.

Wire Out of the Back Band

If the wire comes out of the tube on the banded molar, you may attempt to reinsert the wire into the tube with tweezers. If you cannot get it back into the tube, place a piece of wax over it, or if it is poking you, clip it with a clipper or small wire cutter close to the last attached brace.

Broken Bracket

If one of the brackets becomes un-bonded or loose from the tooth, it will usually remain connected by the colored o-ring. It may move around on the wire. Please call and let us know if you have a loose brace, so we can allow time and be prepared to repair it. We may be able to repair it before your next appointment. If the bracket comes detached from the wire, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! Bring it with you to your next appointment so we can clean it and place it back on your tooth.

Broken Wire

If the main wire breaks, call our office to make an appointment.

Back Brace/Band Is Loose

If the band on one of your molars is loose, call us to schedule a time to recement it to your tooth.

O-Ring Comes Off Brace/Bracket

If one of the colored o-rings has come off of a bracket, see if there is a small ligature wire attaching the main wire to your bracket. If there is, you don’t need to do anything before your next appointment. If there’s no ligature, call us.

Poking Wire Tie

Small ligature wires may be used to attach the main wire to your brackets. If the end of the ligature wires are poking you, use a pencil eraser to gently push the wire into a comfortable position.

Expander is Loose

If your expander becomes loose, do not continue to activate it. Sticky foods are usually the cause of this. Please call our office to be seen.

Lost or Broken Retainer

Call our office for an appointment to make a new retainer.

“Dr. Miller and her staff were kind, friendly, and thorough in their evaluation and treatment of my 9-year-old son. Dr. Miller evaluated my son’s health not just from an orthodontic perspective, but also from an overall head and neck perspective with her cutting edge Dental Cone Beam CT imaging, which evaluates the sinuses and upper airways for other diseases, including pediatric sleep apnea and anatomical contributors to ADHD. Even better, the evaluation, including the images, are shared to me via email, so I may provide to my child’s pediatrician and other health care providers. We are truly grateful our child is under Dr. Miller’s meticulous care.”

Andrea M.

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