Emergency Treatment Instructions

Initial Soreness

After the initial placement of braces or following an adjustment, the teeth may be sore or tender for 2-3 days. Over the counter pain relievers such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol will help. The bite wafer we give out at the time of placing the braces will also help work out the soreness more quickly.

Lost Spacer
If the spacer comes out and you have it, simply take two pieces of dental floss and insert them both into the spacer. Stretch the spacer slightly and floss it between the teeth until half of it slips through the contact. You should still be able to see the top of the spacer between the teeth. Release and remove both pieces of floss. If you cannot find the spacer, call our office and we will schedule a time to replace the spacer. If it is the day before your appointment, it is not necessary to replace it.

Wire Poking
Sometimes the wire may move and poke out of the back brace. If this happens you can take a nail cuticle clipper and try to clip the wire as close as possible to the brace. If you are unable to do this, you can place some wax on the poking wire. If neither of these solutions works, call our office and we will schedule a time for you to come in so we may clip or adjust the wire.

Wire Out of the Back Brace/Band
If the wire comes out of the tube on the banded molar, you may attempt to re-insert the wire into the tube with tweezers or needle-nosed pliers. If you cannot get it back into the tube you may place a piece of wax over it, or, if it is sticking you clip it with a clipper or small wire cutter close to the last attached brace.

Broken Bracket
If one of the brackets becomes un-bonded or loose from the tooth, it will usually remain connected to the wire by the colored o-ring. It may move around on the wire. Please call and let us know if you have a loose brace so we can allow time and be prepared to repair it. If time allows prior to your next appointment we may be able to schedule to go ahead and repair it. If the bracket comes detached from the wire, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! Bring it with you to your next appointment so we can clean it and place it back on your tooth.

Broken Wire
If the main wire breaks please call our office so we may schedule a time to replace it.

Back Brace/Band is Loose
If the band on one of the molars comes loose, call us so we can schedule a time for you to come in and have it re-cemented.

O-Ring Has Come Off a Brace
If a colored o-ring has come off a brace, look closely to see if there is a small ligature wire attaching the main wire to your brace. If there is, then it will be okay until your next appointment. If there is no ligature, please call our office so we may determine if it can be replaced at your next visit, or, if we need to schedule a time for you to come in and have it replaced.

Poking Wire Tie
Sometimes we use small wires, ligature ties, to attach the main wire to the brackets. It is possible for the small twisted end to work its way loose and poke out, feeling sharp. If this happens, use the eraser of a pencil to gently push it into a comfortable position.

Expander is Loose
If your expander becomes loose, do not continue to activate it. Sticky foods are usually the cause of this. Please call our office so we can schedule a time to re-cement the expander back in place.

Lost or Broken Retainer
If you lose or break your retainer, please call our office as soon as possible during office hours, or leave a message for us if it is after hours. We will schedule an appointment to make you a new retainer. Please note that not having your retainer to wear may result in shifting of your teeth.

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