Meet Dr. Miller
Dr. Miller

I was born in Denver but moved to Mustang when I was only 6, so I consider Oklahoma my home. After graduating in 1994 I headed north to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City. It was there that I completed my B.A. in Biology and Degree and Dental Surgery, graduating in 2000. I then came back to Oklahoma City where I completed the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at the Oklahoma University College of Dentistry in 2001. At the end of that year I was asked to remain as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Fixed Prosthodontics Department. I happily accepted, excited to join the faculty of such a prestigious dental school. The following year I left to pursue my dream to become an orthodontist. This time I headed east to the University of Tennessee in Memphis. There I attended a three year residency program where I obtained my Certificate in Orthodontics and a Masters Degree in Science in 2005. I also worked very hard through all the rigorous steps to become board certified as a Diplomate of the American Board and Orthodontics.

In June of 2005 I moved back to OKC where I spent two years practicing orthodontics out of OKC and Edmond sharing space with Dr. Larson Keso and Mark Felton. During that time I designed and began building my own practice at its current location. We proudly opened in November of 2007 and have grown steadily since. I deeply enjoy the practice in orthodontics for many reasons. I love the art of creating smiles and working with my hands. Most importantly though, is the wonderful opportunity my team and I have to meet hundreds of patients and their families, touching the lives of each and every one with our own special footprint. My ultimate goal is not to just give someone straight teeth, but to give them a gorgeous smile and confidence that will open doors and opportunities for them throughout their lifetime.

When I am not putting on brackets and bending wires, I have a number of things I enjoy doing! I enjoy spending time in peace and quiet reading. I enjoyed visiting my mom’s ranch in El Reno. Time with family and the expanse of land, nature, and horses is a nice getaway from the city. Growing up riding horses taught me about dedication, hard work, and perseverance, without which I would not be where I am today. My outdoor passions also include golf and cycling. Getting out on my bike, whether it's an easy fun ride or a persevering one, feeds my soul and breathes life into me. I enjoy doing cycling events benefiting charities in spring and summer and mountain biking in the fall and winter. I also love to travel and hope that my future travels will take me to many of the amazing, beautiful places of this world.

816 S. Mustang Rd. • Yukon, OK 73099 • (405) 577-6453